Webster Sailing Association

42 02' 20"N, 71 49' 48"W

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 You must be 18 years old and own a 20 foot long or less monohull sailboat (18 feet for a catamaran) in sailable condition.  You must have at least $300,000 liability insurance (usually part of homeowners or rental insurance).  Since the Webster Sailing Association does not teach sailing, you must show a basic knowledge of sailing.  You will required to perform one cleanup duty on a Saturday morning during the sailing season. You must also attend one of the two work parties...also on a Saturday.  And most important, you must have the time to sail on a regular basis.  Membership includes your entire family living in the same household and parking or mooring for one boat.  Cost for first year is $342.00 which includes a $75.00 initiation fee.  Each year after is $265.00.

 Space is limited, so apply early.  For additional information email webster.sail@gmail.com

New Member Application

* If you are applying for membership for the 1st time, use this form. E-mail form to lramodeo@charter.net or mail form to the person listed on the form. Do not send any money until you have been contacted by a WSA member. There may be a waiting list. All NEW members must pay a $75.00 initiation fee.

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*If you have been a member for at least 1 season, use this form.
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